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Area of Bleeding, worried!
Hi all
This is my first post so forgive me if it will be a bit detailed, but its important to share as so many mums to be are not getting the answers they need to just calm down a bit At 5 weeks 5 days I started to get a bit of pain up me as such, not really in my lower tummy but just on the outside, it was kind of a pulsing pain not sharp but more so when I stood up. I went to the ER in the coombe hospital. She did a scan and said that everything was were it was meant to be but she couldn't see a heartbeat. From all that I read seeing a heartbeat in week 5wk 5 days was pretty normal. She said that she can't explain the pain but everyone is different. She then said that she would schedule a scan in the EPAU at the coombe. I got this appointment a few days later and was seen very fast. At this point i was i thought i was 7 weeks however when i had the scan they said to me that i was only just gone 6 weeks. I know the dates that i conceived, so this confuses me a lot. And it is also worrying because does this mean that the baby is not growing as it should? But the good news is that she said she saw a strong heartbeat and then she said 'now the bad news' (what kind of doctor says that?) apparently she could see what she called an 'area of bleeding'. She showed this area to me on the scan and it was the same size as the sac itself. She said that she wanted to keep an eye on this, and then she turned around and told me that it would be 50/50 if i lost the baby. I came out of there in bits, i mean i had one week already worried that by baby had no heartbeat, then to go into this woman and be told it’s 50/50. I asked her was this normal, she said no but there is a good chance it will be reabsorbed or it could be another sac although it didn’t show up on the last scan. It just seemed to me that this woman had become like a robot. As she deals with pregnant women day in day out I came out of there thinking that she just doesn’t care. I probed her for answers and she gave me one word answers. She has now scheduled another appointment for tomorrow which is a week later. Yesterday I went to the bathroom because I was getting pains like ovulation pains and I discharged a good bit of brownish, clear mucus discharge and since then I have been every now and then have very small bits of brownish discharge, more mucus like. We called Mount Carmel and also the ER in the coombe to ask about this and they said this was very normal as brown blood is old blood. Shouldn’t worry unless I get cramps and bright heavy blood or start passing clots, which thank god hasn’t happened. I have done some research online for ‘area of bleeding’ and have found out that it could be what’s called a Hematoma, I have a funny feeling this is what the area she was referring too is. I don’t see why I have to self diagnose myself. Hopefully tomorrow after my scan I will find out more because right now time has stopped. I cannot think of anything else, I have nig***ares every single night and live with a knot in my stomach. Hopefully no one else has to go though what I am going though, hopefully all will work out well. I would love to hear anyone else’s similar experiences! It doesn’t help that the only pregnancy symptoms that I have experienced is breast soreness which seems now to be getting a bit better! This is my second pregnancy, my first daughter is nearly 11 years old! I am 35 years old!
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Deborah, you must be so frightened and my heart goes out to you. I cannot believe the attitude of the woman who did the scan in the Coombe. She sounds so unprofessional. I haven't had the same experience as you but when I went to see the midwife in Holles Street for my blood tests, she told me that slight bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy is very common and I was not to be alarmed if I see any. Also she told me that up to 13 weeks, babies are very vulnerable and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage so I think that is what the woman in the Coombe was trying to say to you when she said things can go 50/50.

I think you should go for a private scan for peace of mind. There's a place in Blackrock that does them. The woman there is very professional and they've the state of art scanning equipment (much better than what they have in the hospitals). I went there for a early dating scan when I was 8 weeks and they were able to pick up the heart beat. The scanner in Holles Street isn't designed to pick up heart beats at such an early stage in pregnancy.

I've had bad pains in my lower tummy as well and I've been reassured by the midwife and doctor over and over again that it's completely normal and every woman experiences some sort of pain. Part of it is due to bloating and also the muscles in your stomach stretching.

The VHI midwife on this site is excellent so perhaps you should ring her. She was so helpful and reasurring when I was worried about my cramps.

You're in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything works out for you. XXX
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Hey Deborah,
I had a big long post all typed up when it disappeared - GRRRRR - so I'll try and keep this short. Basically, something similar happened to me. I had a heavy bleed at 7 weeks - red blood, heavier than a period - and thought I'd miscarried. Scan showed bean was still there and had a heartbeat. Bleeding continued for a further 5 weeks, although much lighter and blood was brown (old). I had 2 more scans during that time to made sure bean was growing and developing, then at 12 weeks bleeding just stopped. At no stage did any medical professional give me an explanation behind the bleed. They just said it was a threatened miscarriage. I have to say that despite this, I found the medical staff to be incredibly sensitive and kind to me, and generous with their time (I was at H Street). I searched around on the internet, and found similar symptoms from women who had been diagnosed with a sub-chorionic bleed, which is basically bleeding in the womb either from implantation, or from a small tear in the placenta. In most cases, it heals and the blood is reabsorbed back into the body. In some cases, miscarriage can occur.
I know it's incredibly worrying, but you just have to sit tight and hope for the best. I was convinced I was going to lose my baby, and yet here I am, 31 weeks pregnant and the bean is busy and active and perfectly healthy.
I think healthcare professionals are reluctant to give reasons behind bleeds in early pregnancy as they don't want to raise hopes. Sadly, miscarriage is quite common. Having said that, your baby is hanging in there, and hopefully it will prove to be a sticky little bean and will be there for many months to come. Try and get some rest - I took to the bed to try and stop the bleeding, and while it didn't really work, at least I felt I was doing as much as I could to help the bean to hang in there.
Take care of yourself, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. xx
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Thanks so much for your kind works! It really helps to hear that people are out there with the same problems. Its just so hard to play the waiting game, at least i will find out more tomorrow morning. My first pregnancy was normal although i never experienced any real symptoms same as this one. Just so scared that the brown blood will turn into bright red, although i guess it hasn't yet so that's a good sign and not real pain. Private scan is a good idea, i will see what they say tomorrow in EPAU and go from there.
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Hey Deborah

You poor thing you. I know a bit of what you went through I had a bleed at nine weeks and went for a scan sent up by my doctor and they were less then friendly to me told me my doctor should have rang up in advance because they were too busy and I would have to wait about three hours she was less then friendly to me too this was in the Lourdes hospital in Drogheda. I mean you are bad enough and feeling pretty scared and this is what you get when you go up. I like you know that they see this day in and day out but they should treat each case just as sensitively as the next. I also had a brownish discharge on and off up to about 13 weeks I think but this is old blood and is nothing to worry about. I have a ten year old at home and this is my second pregnancy and i am now 22 weeks so tip wood everything else will go smoothly from here on in Smiler Let us know how you get on and my thoughts are with you. Good luck hun xxx
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Hi Deborah, you're story really got to me. I'm going through something similar. I had bleeding in weeks 5, 6, and now again in week 8. I have just come back from my gp where I saw the heartbeat. I read in an Irish pregnancy book, that if you can see a heartbeat then there is less than 1% chance that you will miscarry. I am hanging on to this statistic as gospel because I just can't think about the alternative. That silly woman that you saw in the coombe should have known better. If I was you, for peace of mind, I would go get a second opinion, either privately in the place in Blackrock, or from your GP, or even try another maternity hospital - just don't take it lying down - this is far too important for that. And, all the worrying you are doing won't help. Whatever you need to do to get peace of mind, just do it.
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See attached link that backs up what I was saying about a detected hearbeat.

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Hi Deborah, your story really rang true to me. I am 15 weeks pregnant and it hasn't gone smoothly. I started bleeding at 11 weeks, went to casualty and had a scan and baby was fine, was given no real reason for it. Told it could be a pending miscarriage. The bleeding stopped but about a week or so later I had a terrible bleed during the night, I really thought that I had miscarried. I went to casualty again and another scan showed the baby to be fine. Last week I started bleeding again but this time it was brown blood, I went to the Early Pregnancy Unit in Wexford, which I have to say the staff were lovely there and very helpful. I had yet another scan and was told baby was fine, saw it dancing away and a strong heartbeat and it is the right size for the amount of weeks etc. The Dr could see from the scan the pool of blood within the womb and this was what was coming away. As a few people have mentioned I also told that unless there is alot of bright red blood with cramping not to worry.
I was given two weeks off from work and told to take it easy. That brown blood has continued for the last week since that visit, but has eased off a good bit now. I have another scan this day week (Wednesday). I hope it all settles down.
This is my third pregnancy. The first I miscarried at 11 weeks, the second I have a 3 year old daughter from. That pregnancy I had no trouble whatsoever! This one is completely different.
It is a very worrying time for all of us but it does help to hear stories from other women who have had similar stories.
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