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BFP success stories & Symptoms
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Hi girls,

My BFP story - I'm 6 weeks preg this week and not feeling all that different but for what it's worth here's my story.

TTC since Jan 2007, Lap & Dye April 08 and started with fertility clinic Dec 08, had all tests and no issues with either of us. Jan 09 - 100mg Clomid and overtille inj for 4 cycles and then 3 IUI (some gaps here and there) Got BFP on 3rd IUI.

IUI happened 3 days later in cycle this month cd 15
CD26 started spotting and some cramps normal sign that AF on way
CD27 same, boobs tender - normal signe too.
CD28 Bright red blood on wipe when went to bathroom and some wattery type blood on panty (sorry TMI)used to also get this some AF's.
CD29 spotting stopped but still had normal AF comming cramps and bad was sore
CD30 same - suppose to go to fertility clinic for blood test to see if IUI worked but so sure AF coming didn't go. Did HPT that evening and BFP.
CD34 BFP confirmed by blood tests.

So girls I'm afraid I can't tell you to try anything different or give you any words of wisdom, I had myself resigned to having to start IVF after Christmas and had made plans to get fit and lose weight for Christmas and only really did the test before I started a Gym class to be sure. I'm still afraid to believe it's true as we have been trying for so long. So moral of the story I guess is, if you can, to keep trying and hoping, and if you're finding this journey tough talk to someone, either a friend or here on the boards, it's good to share our troubles.

Sorry - bit philosophical there Roll Eyes

Take care and good luck to you all - PoohBear xxx
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girls, just 4 weeks now, can't say I can tell you any symptoms that were different to af, sore lower back, tender breasts - and bigger! Some cramping, but all the same stuff I've been getting the last few months so I was convinced that it hadn't worked again. The only thing different was the "pregnancy brain" the night before 14dpo I put the rubbish in the washing machine and the washing in the bin - I stepped back went... somehting wrong htere, and realised what I'd done! I'm not normally so ditzy but the whole preg brain thing is definitely a symptom and didn't happen on the months that AF arrived. WE've been trying for c19 months, had a mc after conceiving at month 13 - it's taken 4 months post mc to conceive again but I feel totally different this time and the tests are much stronger so HOPEFULLY all will work out. Best wishes everyone and I'm praying for some more BFPs to join me.

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Bumping up this thread!!!!!!!! lol S x
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Hi Girls,

I am a bit symptomless to be honest but I am going to post the teeny tiny symptoms I have had

cd 14-21 nothing at all! think I ov'd around d14.I used the OPK this month I hadn't used them in about 7 months as I wanted to stop obsessing.

CD24 had a bit of bright red spotting just once when I wiped.

CD25 stuffy nose, more spotting but like AF was on the way - no cramps or anything. Decided to do OPK as had no PG tests. OPK came back with 2 lines so started to wonder what if, as heard OPK's can also show positive PG result.

CD26 stuffy nose, more spotting- picked up 2 PG tests on the way home did one at night before bed VERY VERY faint line.

CD27 AF cramps( normal cramps) did the other test in the morning again VERY faint line- more spotting red then brown icky( sorry TMI)

CD28- did a digital test and was positive! Spotting stopped on CD27.

Really the only thing that made me think what if was the spotting. Over the past 18 months I'd say I had spotting only 3 months before AF arrived but it just happened on 1 day( around D25) and then nothing till AF arrived whereas this was a little bit every day. No sore boobs, sickness EWCM , sore back or anything else at all girls.

We DTD on 6,8,12,14,17 this month. I took my EPrimrose oil as normal from days 0-14 and my folic acid, I had really cut down on caffeine the past few months and tried to cut down on the booze also. I tried to make sure I was getting 8 hours sleep most nights. I have been making a lot of juices and smoothies in the last few weeks in an attempt to boost my system and I notice the blackness gone from under the eyes etc maybe I had a vitamin deficiency I dunno. Used wheatgrass and spirulina in these, I had the juicemaster book if you google Ja son Va le you will find it but could be totally unrelated!!!

Wishing you tons of baby dust girls I hope you all get your BFP's soon. 2 this month so there has to be a 3rd. Will keep fx for you all

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Me too with very little symptoms! but here goes:

***I took Evening Primrose Oil up to when I got a High on the OPK (CD10)

***I upped my dosage of Robitssin a little, so I'd take a couple of spoonfuls throughout the day coming up to Ov.

I never noticed any increase in EWCM by the way, so I guess it works even if you don't observe it.

***I had started taking Pregnacare Conception the previous month

***hubbie was taking Maca, Zinc, Omega (sometimes!)

*** and I always used Preseed

DTD on CD10,12,14,15,16.

OPK gave High on CD10,11,12,13, Peak on CD14,15, High CD16.

But according to F.Friend I'd Ov'd on CD13.

I had a pain in my side on the morning CD14/15.

Got the usual AF cramps around CD27-31 and still some mild cramps after the positive HPT on CD32.

Hope this helps someone..
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thanks gals a happy and healthy 8 months left to you gals x
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ok here goes,

a quick history lesson. started ttc'ing for dd1 in mar 08. diagnosed with pcos sep 08, thought i'd need treatment, so was waiting for the new year. nov 08 got bfp. dd now 16 months.

started ttc'ing unoffically about 4 months ago. periods varying between 30 - 38 days. began properly trying in aug, no bfp and cycle went to 60 days, nearly lost my mind! decided not to count days or even think about ttc'ing and dtd every second day. joined ww to distract myself and lost 8 lbs in two weeks.

ok now the gory details...

cd 1 oct 19

dtd every second day, eat healtier cos of ww, but still drank. didn't worry about what day i was on or do temping or use any supplements.

nov 22 (cd 35) tested as i thought, af should be around now, expecting bfn as despite sterling effort from dh, had noticed that i had no ewcm at all so figured no O. anyway test didn't work, no control line but showed bfn.

nov 23 - first test was a cheap boots test so bought a cb and same thing bfn but no control! went to euro shop at lunch and got a 2 euro jobbie, got bfn with control line.

nov 24 - used other 2 euro jobbie in the morning and got bfn. convined i am not pregnant by now.

nov 25 - feel shattered so go to bed early with dd1, have quick shower and notice irritation in my nips when drying, which was my first symptom on dd1, but i convince myself that i am imagining it.

nov 26 - wake up 15 mins before the alarm, house completely silent and i know, dont ask how but i know i am pregnant. go into the loo and have a major arguement with myself about wether or not i should use my digital CB week predictor hpt, or wait till sunday. then realise that while i am thinking that i have taken off my knickers and thrown them in the toilen instead of the wash. am not totally convinced but afraid to test in case i get another bfn. head to work, in full knowledge that i am pg, and furious for not testing. call dh, tell him i am pregnant and to bring the test so i can prove it. he doesn't believe me. but once again, i am right. pregnant shows up immediatley and then 1-2 weeks.

symptoms - some small things that i notice now but not really before - irritable nips, tiredness, spots, increased need to pee, moody.

i am guessing i had a 38 day cycle this month since my bfp showed on day 39, so my due date is aug 5.

i know i typed all that quiet matter of fact, but i was shaking like a leaf when i get the bfp, and i am still in a state of shock! the only thing i can say is that both times when ttc'ing, the month i wasn't thinking about it 24/7, it happened. but i think that is just luck.

congratulations to everyone here and good luck to everyone trying, you are all amazing women.

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my story in the hope that it might help someone.

I was diagnosed with PCOS and have been ttc for 18months. I was taking duphaston for 5 months to help regulate my cycle because prior to that my af was pretty non-existent.

In the last couple of months i had been doing acupuncture twice a month, cut down on caffeine, carbs and was trying to stick to a low GI diet. I wasn't exercising as much as usual due to a sprained ankle. I had pretty much stopped drinking and social smoking but allowed myself a glass of wine a week. My acupuncturist advised me to stick to my healthy regime 80% of the time to stop me from going bonkers, she said the odd treat wouldn't be the end of the world.

this month we were advised to take a break from duphaston and to take a break from counting days etc so pressure was off sex wise. we were due to start clomid in january.

and now it would seem we are pregnant!!! I'm still pinching myself.

my symptoms were moody, cranky,very emotional, skin outbreaks, needing to pee regularly and slight cramps.

we did a hpt on day 29 which was obviously way to early but didnt suspect anything when witch didn't arrive because i hadn't taken the duphaston.

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Hi babymad 30, congratulations on your good news. I was following your thread on the 14th December and could identify with everything you were feeling.

I was amazed when you announced your BFP on the 15th- fantastic news.

I have had IVF and have been given a date for the 21st Dec to test this would equate to day 31 IVF style. Today would equate to day 25 of a cycle and i did what i swore i wouldn;t do was one of the early tests that say they can predict up to 4 days before period is due... that would be saturday day 29... of course it was neg... i know its too early but this 2ww is killing me..

Do you mind me asking was day of your cycle did you get the BFP? I saw that you had tested on CD29 and thought that that was too early.
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I got a BFP on day 40...fingers crossed for you
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Hi All,

Just sharing my story in the hope that it helps someone, cos I found it most helpful myself when tcc. I came off pill in Jan 2009 and been tcc since. This month was my fifth cycle after coming off pill.

According to ff i ov on CD27 (I have very long cycles) but as I had taken drink the night before & temp was well up on CD27, I think myself I ov on CD28.

CD27 - cm watery, dtd
CD28 - cm dry, dtd
CD29-31 - cm dry, sore boobs, sore back, nausea, twitch pains, cramps
CD32 - same usual af symptoms
CD33 - nausea is more intense with funny feeling when i swallow, other usual af symptoms
CD 34-39 - nausea still more intense on and off and other af symptoms. Slight dizziness on CD 38 & 39. Twitch/ov pains. Still convinced just waiting for af to arrive
CD40 - cramps more intense.
CD41 - cramps still there. Do pg test in evening. Get bfp.
CD42 - still bad cramps. Another bfp in morn.
CD43 - doc confirms bfp.

dtd - CD7, 11, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, 28, 31, 34.

I just want to say ladies that this month I really didn't see much ewcm, if any. The most I had were sticky and watery days and so for this reason, I didn't think we'd be successful this month. Just something to think of... Also, you can have ewcm internally and not notice it externally.

I guess the only things that made me think maybe..??? this month were the fact that nausea was more pronounced with that horrible feeling after I swallow (I was used to getting slight nausea early in my cycle and just before af since I went off the pill), af didn't arrive and also my temps stayed up from CD28.

Babydus to all. xxx
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bump x x
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Hi Linachic, thanks for your post, like you my cycles have been very long since i came off the pill in March 09, they are now around 8 weeks apart. It's good to hear from someone with long cycles who doesnt seem to have had a problem getting pregnant, congratulations! My partner and i have only been ttc since October, but i would recommend anyone with long cycles to chart their temperature. I am pretty sure i ovulated last week, this was my first month of charting and it was very helpful to know. Hopefully next month i'll be prepared! Anyway thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck in the coming months!
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