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help - 6 yr old girl rubbing her privates
Hi - I have a 6 yr old girl who started rubbing herself when she goes to bed. I had noticed she was having difficulty sleeping ( as she is aroused), and only realised when she fell asleep with her hands down her pants. I have spoken to her about it, but she continues to do it. I even told her she would grow a penis if she continued to rub. Not sure how to handle this, but caught her doing it when at the toilet today and it isn't a topic I fancy sharing with many. Does anyone have any advice? thanks,

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Have you thought about the obvious? That she's itchy? Ask her about that - you can then fix that.

I think you should ask your GP for advice.

I don't think it's the worst thing in the world, and she's probably just exploring her body - probably just a phase she's going through. I wouldn't tell her false information like growing a penis - best be honest.
Also, tell her that usually we don't rub our bums because it sometimes isn't always clean because there might be some wee or poo there.
You can also say (in a matter of fact tone) that people don't usually rub their bums in the same way that people don't pick their noses.
While this may be embarrassing, it's best not to develop an embarrassment about her body or sexuality - it'll only lead to more hassle later on.

Hopefully someone else will have been through this, but I think it's probably a phase, and best not to make too big a deal of it.
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Had to reply. This could just be a normal phase that all kids go through but its best to bring it up with your GP or even vhi nurse line to get some advice.

By making such a big deal of it you could cause all sorts of psychological problems in the future. You should just tell her that she can only touch herself when in private or going to the loo as its something that is private and isnt to be done in public. I wouldnt make up reasons why she cant touch herself, its amazing what they remember in future years and again you dont want to do any psychological damage here.

I know you feel uncomfortable but she is just exploring her body as all kids do, its normal. BUT i still think its some thing you have to talk to someone about and also sit down with your dd and ask her why she does it, does it feel nice, itchy, painful. I know things like worms can cause kids to have itchy bums and trouble sleeping, could be something similar so just rule that out.
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I had to reply and tell you too that I think it's just a phase. I used to babysit two little girls - 7 and 5. The 5yr old used to constantly do this! I was only about 16 at the time and wasn't sure what to say to herEeker I think I told her that she shouldn't do it cos her hands might be dirty and she could hurt herself with her nails - something like that anyway....Roll Eyes I mentioned it to her parents (who were very very embarassed) when they came home and they said she'd been doing it for a while (few wks).

I think she may have been itchy - kids can get thrush too, just think bk to nappy rash. Could be anything from bubblebath to clothes that are too tight down there. Worth talking it thru with her and finding out if there's a problem or if she's just exploring.

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